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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How much will this service cost and when will I receive the appraisal?
2.) What factors are taken into consideration in determining the value?
3.) My website is very unique, can you still appraise my site?
4.) Why do business owners have appraisals completed?
5.) How long does it take to receive an appraisal?
Why should I use BuySellWebsite?
7.) What if I still have questions?
8.) How do I get started?

1.) How much will this service cost and when will I receive the appraisal?

Appraisals start at $449.  But, when business owners consider the additional money they will receive based upon the appraisal, our customers find that our service is extremely cost effective.

You will receive your complete Website Appraisal within three to five business days in an industry standard Adobe Acrobat PDF file to ensure it's security and professional presentation.

2.) What factors are taken into consideration in determining the value?

Each appraisal requires a great deal of research.   That research may include (but is not limited to) the following factors.

  • Stability of traffic.

  • Value of each visitor.

  • Review source of income.

  • Relevancy of domain name.

  • Number of page views per month.

  • Number of unique visits per month.

  • Number of return visits per month.

  • Source of traffic and its reliability.

  • View previous versions of the site.

  • View historical data (i.e. when established).

  • View links to the site and the relevancy to the site content.

  • Key word analysis and applicability to the site.

  • Value of keywords with various search engines.

  • Determine stability of site and project stability of site in future.

  • Determine other potential sources of income.

  • Review site navigation/organization and ease of use

  • Recommendations for improvement of site content, site navigation, or income streams.

  • Review of site content and determine if that fits with theme of site.

  • Brief review of expenses and determine if expenses can be minimized or if they have been overstated.

The above is accomplished by a variety of methods.   It can include visits to the site, consultation with owner, review of records, and is often gathered through a variety of research options on the internet.

3.) My site is very unique, can you still appraise my site?

Yes.   We have experience in appraising a wide range of website businesses.   We can appraise sites from any business sector, in any location in the world, including start ups, as well as established websites.   Here is some interesting information regarding the variety of sites that we have appraised:

  1. We have appraised websites with business values ranging from $2,500 to multi-million dollar internet businesses

  2. Websites with minimal revenues to sites with $3 mil revenue per month.

  3. Websites from anywhere in the world.  Including Europe, Australia, and North America.

  4. From newly established sites through 7 years old.

  5. Websites with Unique visitors as low as 5,700 and as high as 1.6 mil per month.

  6. We have appraised informational only websites that generate revenues through ad sales, sites that are membership based, as well as sites offering services and or products.

We have appraised a wide range of industries and target markets including:
  • Technology (computer sales, internet marketing, instant messaging services, search engines etc.)
  • Employment and Careers (work from home, recruiting, resumes, etc.)
  • Health (natural and herbal supplements, health advise etc.)
  • Services (resume writing, dating, etc.)
  • Home decorating
  • Financial advice
  • Sports
  • Entertainment (dating, community, adult, puzzles, local information, writing, children's education etc.)
  • Specialty Goods (bridal gowns, murals, etc.)

4.) Why do business owners have appraisals completed?

Business owners tend to utilize our services for two primary reasons:

    1.) Websites that have been appraised will always sell for more money than those that have not been appraised and our service helps business owners determine and document the actual value of the website.

    2.) Many owners are seeking new investors and our services help the owner better establish the likelihood of profits and better assess the value of their most important asset.

5.) How long does it take to receive an appraisal?

Three to five business days.  We understand that business owners are very anxious to receive their appraisals, so they can move forward quickly with investors or potential buyers. Through our experience and efficiency, we have accelerated the valuation process to meet our customers’ needs.

6.) Why should I use BuySellWebsite?

We are the only major Website Appraisal business that has been providing reliable valuations of hundreds of websites in a wide variety of industries for over six years.

7.) What if I still have questions?

We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.   Please feel free to contact Melissa at 620-443-5247 or at melissarich@buysellwebsite.com.

8.) How do I get started?

Getting started is easy.  Simply visit the appraisals section of our website and complete the information requested.   Once we receive your request, we will confirm receipt of your order and will have your appraisal completed within three business days.

All evaluations will be posted for a period of one year.

We look forward to working with you!

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